Works on Maggie’s Centres

We are very proud to be involved with the Maggie’s Centres in respect of providing Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration services on some of the new schemes.  Maggie’s is the charity that provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer and their family and friends.  The centres are staffed by Cancer support specialists, Benefit Advisors, Nutritionists, therapists and Psychologists.  Maggie’s are planning to open their newest and brightest Centre on Monday 12th June 2017 at the Royal Oldham hospital. The Oldham Centre, which will be named “The Norman Stoller Building”, will allow Maggie’s team of professional staff to offer support for people of Oldham and the surrounding area.

Maggie’s Oldham is a fabulous building, has been designed by dRMM, which is an international studio of Architects and designers, renowned for creating Architecture that is innovative, high quality and socially useful.  The building hovers over a sloping garden, supported on very slender columns. The garden offers ‘open air rooms’ framed by trees.  From a central oasis, trees grow up through the building, bringing nature into the interior.  On entering the deliberately simple timber box over a bridge, the visitor is confronted with a view of trees and unexpected views down to the garden below, up to the sky and out to the Pennine hills. The Contractor is F Parkinson’s.

To have the project complete in June 2017, is an amazing achievement of partnering at its best, considering the discussions started with the contractor in January 2016. Throughout the project the team have supported each other and worked together for the overall success of the project. The teamwork has been from the client, to the Architect and the design team, to all of the contractor’s staff, subcontractors, suppliers and the amazingly skilled and caring tradesmen and labourers.

The unique and unusual design of the building and the very short pre-contract period resulted in numerous difficulties and problems that were unexpected and needed to be resolved during the pre-contract and works on site.

From the point in January 2016, when this team first met to when the works commenced on site in May 2016, substantial value engineering exercises were required to achieve the client budget, but at the same time keeping all the clients brief and expectations and the Architects vision and aspirations.

Works commenced on site with a massive leap of faith of the whole team, with 50% of the trade packages secured and still a number of the working drawings still to be finalised. This was only possible, with the knowledge that all members of the team would work as a team. The project required a large amount of logistics that could have caused issues including transporting hardwood from America to Germany, to manufacture the CLT walls and then transport to Oldham and construct.  Every package required discussions between all parties to design and develop detailing that maintains the Architects vision and clients requirements, but at the same time being able to make the detailing buildable.

The quality of workmanship and care of the workers on site has been amazing with all of the tradesmen on site fully aware of the detailing, the issues and what is required.

Parkinson’s office staff and management have been patient throughout and accommodating the sometimes changing detail that is required to accommodate all the site constraints, weather conditions and non-standard detailing.

Maggie’s Oldham has been made possible by the enormous generosity of the Stoller Charitable Trust, which has fully funded the centre.

Architect: dRMM,  Structural Engineer: Booth King Partnership,  M&E consultant: Atelier Ten,  Cost consultant: Robert Lombardelli Partnership,  Contractor: F. Parkinson

RLP are also involved with other centres around the country at different stages, which exceptionally talented and respected Architects:

Maggie’s Leeds – Thomas Heatherwick Studios Architect – Targeting to commence on site Late 2017

Maggie’s Royal Free – Studio Libeskind Architects – Early stages of the design development

Maggie’s Northampton – Stephen Marshall Architects – Early stages of the design development

Maggie’s Taunton – ABA – Alison Brooks Architects – Early stages of the design development