Project Managers

Coordinating the various parties through the building process to enable the fulfilment of clients needs, requires the skills of the Project Manager. If working under the JCT conditions, the Project manager is called the Employer's Agent, whilst the PPC2000 form of contract designates this position as Client's Representative. The NEC form of contract retains the Project Manager designation.

Whatever this position is officially called, the function is similar.

In Partnering forms of contract we provide a project focused service designed to deliver best value solutions within a partnering environment. Engendering mutual trust and respect within the project team in order to deliver innovative design, construction and management.

The building industry is not known for its co-operative working methods primarily because of the way in which it is organised. It separates different disciplines and functions that may then go on to justify their existence and protect their interests.

Often, this leads to duplication of effort and to unnecessary disputes. A change in these attitudes is essential to avoid further conflict and to drive out waste.

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