The Wintles, Bishops Castle, Shropshire

Oakvale Homes

Robert Lombardelli Partnership assisted Oakvale Homes and Living Villages with the design process for a number of the properties which form part of the eco-friendly village, The Wintles in Bishops Castle, Shropshire. The Wintles development uses a unique combination of ultra modern, energy efficient building techniques, whilst providing the feel of an established traditional village. The village consists of 40 eco friendly houses in total.

Each of the houses is designed and engineered to minimise energy use by being super insulated and making the most of solar gain. Constructed of materials that are environmentally friendly and that create the least waste, each of the properties within the village aims to attract people to buy into a lifestyle minimising energy use, as opposed to simply buying a new home.

Client: Living Villages
RLP Roles: Architectural design
Contractor: Oakvale Homes