Kings Reach, Barking, London

Private Client, Barking, London

This project was originally envisaged as a private development with a small proportion of affordable housing. However the client, Inner London Group, constructed this for Estuary Design Homes Ltd who purchased all 79 units under a development agreement.

Robert Lombardelli Partnership were appointed by Inner London Group as the Employers Agent for the project which then had to fully comply with HCA DQS requirements including lifetime homes and Code for Sustainable Homes level 3. The scheme also provided a business unit on the ground floor which is separated from the residential areas.
The key feature of our service on this project is our ability to understand all the compliance factors required to ensure HCA funding. Of equal importance it was necessary to align all the interests of the developer, local authority, housing association, designers and contractor.

The scheme completed in November 2012. Value of works was £6.4m.

Client: ILD (Barking) Ltd and Estuary Housing Association
Employers Agent and CDM Coordinator: Robert Lombardelli Partnership
Architect: Boast Associates
Contractor: KDJ Developments Ltd